Connecting People, Data, Machine And Other Things.


Internet of Things is here and growing. Tesla leveraged its leadership in digital innovation and expertise in mobile, wearable, big data, and other enabling technologies to build robust expertise over Internet of Things. We help businesses tap into their data streams, connect them to cloud, integrate it with their back-end systems and enable machine-to-machine communication to build a unified system. A system that can optimize processes, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean insights from data to predict customer behavior patterns and help enterprises make more informed decisions - while enabling innovation and transformation in ways couldn’t imagined before

New technologies are powering the wheels. A collaboration of technologies and engineering concepts are redefining the vehicle into a connected car. Connected car solutions from [x]cube can fuel innovation and drive consumer uptake by improving the all round driving experience.


Real-time maps for direction advice. Route planners, traffic-flow advice, parking assistance, fuel-efficiency, temperature control, hybrid navigation, geo-fencing


Download and play music, videos, TV etc. Wi-Fi hotspot to connect mobile devices, social media apps, location based information, points of interest information

Vehicle Care

Car diagnosis, service alerts and reminders, car breakdown warning, automated emergency assistance


Connected to smart homes and offices, e-commerce solutions, mobile banking apps, mobile health apps

Connects patient data - from medical devices, Health Information Systems, sensors and wearables - to various facilities- ICU, OT, Nursing Stations, Diagnostic Services, Pharmacies and Payers etc., to build an integrated environment to boost coordination, collaboration and compliance, improve service standards, patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes and accelerate your processes and practices with analytics and rich insights.

Our connected healthcare solutions enable hospitals to turn every bed into an ICU by integrating sensors, patient data with hospital monitoring systems envisaged in a unique ‘Hardware as a Service’ model.

Imagine living in a world where your coffee machine knows when you wake up and starts brewing a cup of coffee for you. Your door automatically locks as you leave for office. Your car system reminds you of all scheduled appointments and engagements for the day. Notifies important mails received last night. Alerts you when there is an authorized access to your home. Connected thermostats intelligently set the temperature and your music system plays your favorite tracks when you return home.

Our smart home solutions will anticipate your needs and automate your daily routines in ways unimaginable before.