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How Machine Learning Can Help Target the Right Users for Your Business?

The ever-changing market trends make it difficult to organize marketing campaigns for a fairly straightforward business; however, some latest techniques can bring the desired results oriented towards user engagement and better revenue generation. Nowadays, marketing departments are engaged in discovering newer ways to make their advertising and branding campaigns more successful.

Since it is an era, where computers can do almost everything that seems magical, it is imperative to understand the market before going ahead and planning out marketing strategies to impress the target customers.

by R.K.Narayan in Design

IoT – The Way Forward

Imagine several billions of connected devices with embedded microchips that are communicating, emitting data. With their signals crisscrossing the planet, they are ushering in a new world—the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Making inanimate objects ‘smart’, the development of the IoT truly represents a game changing moment. Analyzing the vast new streams of data from all these devices will provide opportunities to literally transform the world. The IoT is at a very early stage of evolution. We are just about getting started. Consumer applications of the IoT have been receiving a lot of press lately. But B2B is where we should be seeing serious action.

by Vikram Seth in Graphics

8 benefits of having an IT Consulting Partner

Business environment of today’s global organizations is constantly evolving & businesses are required to continuously reinvent & adapt to stay ahead of the trends & competition. Gone are the days when IT would just be a support function, today businesses are dependent on IT to steer every function forward. A proficient IT Consulting company brings its knowledge and expertise in various industries as it assesses the client’s requirements & issues and offers strategic solutions to its clients.

An ideal IT Consulting partner helps its clients to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance flexibility through strategic, functional as well process transformation.

by Kiran Desai in Productivity

Is Content Important for the Success of the VR Industry?

Content Creation for Virtual Reality If you take a look at current trends in the tech arena, VR or Virtual Reality is perhaps the ‘man of the moment.’ There has been a lot of furore and buzz around the VR technology and virtual experiences. If statistical reports are anything to go by, almost 28% of users cited high-quality content as a crucial factor for the success of VR.

That reveals the current scenario quite clearly. Although VR has achieved unsurpassed popularity amongst users, it is yet to take off in the way it should. So, what is stunting the growth and development of the VR technology?

by Vikram Seth in Graphics

5 Best Ux Practices To Improve Your E-Commerce Website Experience

Tech innovations have completely revolutionized shopping practices and purchase behaviors. The widespread popularity of online shopping leads to a dramatic surge in demand for ecommerce. From daily essentials to luxury goods, there’s nothing that you can’t get online. Some of the leading ecommerce ventures also offer a host of crucial products including life-saving drugs.

The unique possibilities and profitability of the ecommerce arena have been the prime reason for its popularity. Take a look around, and you will find numerous individuals venturing into the ecommerce arena.

by Edwin in Multimedia