Increasing Customer Retention

Tesla steadily helps transform your assets into smart customer magnets

Energy & Utilities

Utilities is going through a transformational phase where ‘asset tracking’ and ‘smart grids’ are the keywords that could determine profitability & sustainability. Customers are more likely to switch to alternative energy providers or competition as smarter & efficient choices emerge.The tremendous push towards automation is changing the conventional management of grids, assets, inventory, distribution, metering, billing, customer service etc. No organization can remain resistant to these changing consumer & environmental landscapes.

How Tesla can help?

A number of our client have already tried to implement IT products & solutions that has not yet yielded the desired results. Tesla’s Utilities domain experts help our clients maximize output from their existing IT systems and overcome challenges. These vary from troubleshooting, custom reports building, module enhancements, implementation or upgrades to SCM/ERP/FI installations to improve processes and performance, big data analysis, to ongoing maintenance & support.